Monday, October 17, 2011

Bridge over Troubled Water.....

Went to a totally awesome performance at the Palladium in St. Pete on Friday to the Simon & Garfunkel Retrospective Show by AJ Swearingen and Jonathan Beedle. Both artists are originally from Bethlehem (pronounced BETH-LEM), with AJ living in St. Pete now and Jon still in Pennsylvania.

Words here cannot describe the sound, feelings, warmth and magic that they conveyed to the audience. This was their first performance in Florida and I can safely say will definately not be their last. During the show, I closed my eyes several times and literally heard Simon & Garfunkel and brought back memories of Bleeker Street and the sounds attributed during those very profound times in NYC.

I highly recommend to catch this show next time in Florida and if you are anywhere near their national tour schedule, without question, do attend their show, you will not be disappointed. Check out their website at

Before their show, the awesome talented, local singer/songwriter Jayne Kelli performed a nice handful of songs from her album "Wake" including the title track....catch her on